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Our response to the President and last night’s speachwriters: April 14, 2004

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“Promise me you’ll never stand in front of a man with a loaded gun.”
– Miss Monica’s Father, May 4, 1970 ( in response to this photo)

(Note: the National Guardsmen claimed later that they were being advanced on by protestors and were firing in self-defense.)

Kent State Incident: episode involving student protesters and National Guardsmen at Kent State University, Ohio. Following Richard M. Nixon’s announcement on April 30 of the invasion of Cambodia and the need to draft 150,000 more soldiers for the Vietnam War effort, protesters staged antiwar rallies at Kent State. Governor James Rhodes ordered National Guardsmen to the university, where they used tear gas to disperse the dissenters. A shot was heard, and the Guard opened fire on the unarmed students, killing four and wounding nine. The incident evoked massive protests across the country. It was followed ten days later by a similar incident at Jackson State University, an all-black school in Mississippi. Although two students were killed and nine wounded, it went mostly unnoticed, angering many blacks.

“Stay the course.” “We will win this war.” The draft. Intensified fighting — Intensified opposition. Public resistance to the war increases, operations go covert. Massacres. Atrocities. Cover-ups. Secret daily airstrikes of supply lines. Fascist domestic police activities. Assassinations.

Don’t think “it can’t happen again.”



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