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Banananarian ban debated. February 27, 2004

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At a public meeting on Thursday night, Plymouth residents expressed their views to City councillors regarding the proposed ban of what some have termed “odd religious representations of dubious taste.”

The ban would specifically prohibit members of the Join Us (Or Else) Cult from wearing or displaying in public a picture of their leader, Monkeyboy.

Some Plymouth residents have also expressed dismay at the tendency of cult members to, without warning, drop to their knees in public places, press their leader’s photograph to their foreheads, and scream, “Yes!”

But there has been strong opposition to the ban from Plymouth�s Banananarian cult members, who number roughly 2,000.

Bianca Bowen, a 14-year-old Banananarian convert who attended the meeting with her family who are also cult members, spoke first.

After complaining that the practice of holding public meetings on Thursday was “evil,” Bowen read a poem:

An Ode to Monkeyboy

So if your life is going bad —
If teacher keeps you after school —

Store’s got no nanners they once had —
Flat’s cold ’cause Dad di’n’t pay for fuel —

And then your mom nags at your dad —
Dad’s boss is negative ‘n’cruel —

Are you always so frus-tra-ted?
Join us! Or else! You’ll be uncool.

Though some may think you raving mad —
Wear his picture like a jew-el �

He’ll keep your heart from feeling sad �
I say HURRAH! For My Guru!

“I didn�t know what iambic quadrameter was, until I met Monkeyboy,” Bowen added at the end of her reading.

“Reason enough!” Said a man in support of the ban.

Unable to elicit any further comments from those assembled, Council leader Ham Ward ended the meeting two hours early.



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