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Saving Plymouth, one banana at a time. January 23, 2004

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Banananarian Learning Centre dispatches delighted disciple.

Recent government figures show recorded crime in Plymouth has quadrupled in the past two years, with the biggest increase recorded in violent assaults.

Victim support groups say they have noticed significant increases in racial assaults, domestic violence, and violence linked to alcohol and drug abuse.

A spokesman for the charity Victim Support in Plymouth said: “There is in this city a nightly ballet of mutually assured carnage.”

Linda Gilroy, the MP for Plymouth Sutton, despite her recent appeals to the Home Office for more support in the fight against crack cocaine, said she remains optimistic.

Ms Gilroy points to the increasing number of charities in Plymouth offering assistance to the poor.

Housing charity Shelter says it wants to help homeless people.

Volunteers from the Mustard Seed Charity have delivered a van full of wooly hats.

In addition, religious charities have established assistance centres throughout Plymouth.

One such charity, the Banananarian Learning Centre, recently opened on Union Street.

Fiona Pfillingsley, who has dedicated her life to the Banananarian organisation and its leader, Wood N Monkeyboy, is thrilled to be offering spiritual and nutritional advice from her “mission in a shop.”

Enthused Ms Pfillingsley: “I really, really think I can clean up this town!”

“Just … not on Thursdays,” she added.



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