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“Banana Bomb” cover-up denied January 17, 2004

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The Ministry of Defence has denied claims that it has “covered up” a link between an alleged unarmed bombing in Yorkshire and the bizarre Banananarian cult.

Witness at banana bomb blast site.

The United States Air Force (USAF) previously claimed responsibility for a bombing at about 1715 GMT on 8 January.

An USAF spokesman said that an inert training bomb dropped from an F-15 fighter jet landed in an airfield owned by Allied Grains, six miles south west of Market Weighton in East Yorkshire, causing an 18-inch crater in the airfield’s landing strip but no injuries.

However, Reg Teller, of Market Weighton, vehemently denied the USAF�s statements.

Mr Teller claims to have seen an enormous “Banana Bomb” hit the airfield.

He said it caused several craters and spread squashed fruit over a large area.

“They came out and cleaned up most of the banana. But they didn’t get all of it. Then they came up with this story. Everybody swallowed the lies they told. It’s easier for them to blame somebody far off than to look at the threat at their own front door.”

The Anderson Institute, a US think tank specialising in conspiracy theories, concurs with Mr Teller.

“The Pentagon and the UK Ministry of Defence are keeping mum that it was a Banana Bomb.” Said a spokeswoman for the Institute.

“They think if they just shut up about it, the crazed banana fetish that is sweeping Wales and the south coast of England won�t infest the northern parts. But Yorkshire is way up there, so the Banana Bomb is proof that this isn’t just a small insurgency of whacked-out wanna-be monkies! Oh, no! Banananarianism is becoming a worldwide phenomenon, more strange and scary than Al Qaeda, and far more threatening to the British and American powers-that-be than even they realise.”

An MoD spokesman dismissed the cover-up claims as “utter nonsense”.

He said: “I’m at a loss for a response. Where did you come up with this rubbish?”



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