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All Pawlitics is Local November 17, 2003

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Bailey Very Blue

Our new Monday feature finds our pundit pouting…


Miss Monica: So we�ll start with a local subject first, this time. Any comment on today’s inauguration of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his promise to save California from its budget deficit, currently estimated at $25 billion dollars?

Bailey�s Spokesperson: Go ahead. Rub it in.

MM: Beg pardon?

BS: (Sigh). Next question.

MM: Um, okay. The business scandals plaguing wall street?

BS: Bailey doesn�t like walls.

MM: Ah. So I take it he supports full disclosure and open-door policies?

BS: (Sigh!)

MM: Right. Moving on. What about President Bush visiting London this week?

BS: Bailey would like to visit the Queen. Sounds like fun. Buckingham palace has a lot of stuff that would be good to scratch. But obviously something will have to be done to clear out those Corgies before he arrives.

(Long Pause).

MM: Well, then. The wildfires have been extinguished. How about the recent torrential rains?

BS: Bailey thinks rain sucks.

MM: And?

BS: It sucks because he can�t go outside. But then, sometimes when it�s sunny, like on election day, he and millions of other cats aren�t allowed to go outside either.

MM: That�s it?

BS: (Sigh!)

MM: O-kay. How about something lighthearted? Putin-shaped chocolates?

BS: Bailey will wait until they come up with Putin-shaped tuna cakes.

MM: How about�

BS: No, wait! The official answer to that question is: Bailey makes his own Putin-shaped chocolates. That�s when he�s not making Schwarzenegger-shaped chocolates.

MM: Maybe we should continue this interview another time, when Bailey�s feeling more chipper.

BS: (Sigh)…



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