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It’s a conspiracy! October 9, 2003

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Bailey Blue, governor purr tem.

Miss Monica: Our readers would like your confirmation of the rumor that Bailey is refusing to concede defeat until such time as the recall election is certified by the Secretary of State?

Bailey�s Spokesperson: Bailey is not a sore loser, unlike some others.

MM: But isn�t it true that Bailey believes he has not lost the election?

BS: He�s a winner in the eyes of his followers.

MM: And this despite the fact that he received not one vote?

BS: They haven�t counted the write-in votes yet.

MM: But the majority of �

BS: We have lodged legal complaints with the Secretary of State that this election was discriminatory against cats.

MM: Against � cats?

BS: Yes. We�ve had reliable reports that cats were turned away from the polls. Perhaps millions of cats were denied access to polling places.

MM: But�

BS: Then there is the matter of touch screen voting machines. How can a declawed cat use a punch card?

MM: I�m not sure if �

BS: And then there is the language barrier. There are more adult cats in this state than all of the non-English speakers combined. Yet not one polling place had cat-friendly pollworkers.

MM: … we�re from the same planet.

BS: So until these issues are resolved to our satisfaction, Bailey will continue to consider himself the rightful ruler of the Worl� um… I mean, California. Period.



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