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Miss Monica knows the meaning of “WMD” September 18, 2003

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On August 6, 1945, a single atomic bomb dropped by the United States destroyed the city of Hiroshima. Hundreds of thousands of civilian residents died.

Countless blistered, gray, unrecognizable corpses
– Anonymous, Approx. 250m from the hypocenter

“Fifty-eight years have passed since the world’s first atomic bombing. Yet here at the dawn of the 21st century, nuclear-weapon states continue to cling to and even develop their nuclear arsenals while the risk of nuclear proliferation grows and local, internal conflicts erupt ceaselessly.”

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, with the help of NHK Hiroshima Broadcasting Station and the Chugoku Shimbun, in 2002 conducted an A-bomb drawing campaign entitled “To Convey…the Desire for Peace Across the Centuries.” Drawn from vivid memories, the works show “with great clarity the situation in Hiroshima after the bombing.” By this display, the artists and the museum appeal for genuine and lasting world peace.

Carrying my sister on my back, I went into the river to look for my missing father.
– Drawing and text / Rikuo Fukamachim, Approx. 2,200m from the hypocenter

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (so to speak), “WMD” is being redefined.

“Despite the failed search [for Iraqi WMD], at Fort Stewart, Ga., on Friday, President Bush again raised the specter of Saddam�s weapons: ‘Because of our military, catastrophic weapons will no longer be in the hands of a reckless dictator.'”

“But members of his national security team are now saying removing Saddam was justification enough for the war � that he himself was a weapon of mass destruction.”

Why didn’t we think of that? And it explains why the Bush administration haven’t found Hussein yet, either. Two birds with one re-definition. Brilliant.



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