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I Thought I was dreaming, but no… September 15, 2003

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Miss Monica e-mailed me, concerned that since I had failed to comment on what she said was the “faux-lesbian event of the millennium”, I must therefore be failing her. Or dead. Or in a cult or something.

Anyway, the simple fact of the matter is that it completely passed me by. I thought the domme was pulling my tail. And indeed, although Madonna’s performance alongside Britney and Christina at the MTV Video Music Awards on the 29th August this year got coverage on the BBC, it was all made to seem rather innocent and chaste. The fact of the matter is, the media to which I am exposed didn’t report it!

Are they mad? I mean, since when does the revelation that The British Government lied to the nation in order to make us go to war hold a candle to the spectacle of a Three-Way Pop Princess Snog Fest?

I post this in the hope of redressing the balance.

Well, Britney clearly wants to Do It With Madonna...



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