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Thinking Outside the Tortilla August 27, 2003

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Dan Feistein reports on his communiqu� from Taco Bell. ‘Who says you can�t buy votes?’ they ask.

It went something like this:

Dear joke candidate,

Since you�re obviously a loser, we�d like to rub this fact in your face by showing our total lack of respect for both you and elections in general. Yesterday, we launched the Taco Poll, asking Californians (the normal ones, not the nut jobs like you) to “put their vote where their mouth is,” simply by coming into California Taco Bell restaurants and selecting menu items.

We�d describe the menu items here, but frankly we don�t eat the stuff ourselves and just writing about it, well�makes us ill. But we�d like to thank you for being part of our little project. If this works out, we have an idea for a TV spot where all the “lesser” candidates (this means you) climb out of a clown car � all dressed in colorful attire, waving oversized ballots. A perfect opportunity to get your message out to an even wider audience!

As a corporation with outlets all over the world, we have no official stance on elections or democracy in general – so we figured, heck, why not make a funny joke out of it? Truthfully, we only believe in money. Lots and lots and lots of money. Join us in our quest to make even more money and to “Think Outside The Bun.”

Best regards,

You Friends at Taco Bell

At least, that�s how Feinstein remembers it.



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