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Behold the Lord High Executioner August 22, 2003

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Vote for Dick (on the right).
He says it�s the only way Bustamante will keep his job.

Dick Lane is yet another candidate from the Bay Area. His website bio states that he worked as an American spy in Russia and China in 1957. That he�s been married three times. That he got his mom appointed to the Electoral College (where she didn�t help us much in the last presidential election.) And that on August 17th he called for the removal of CSU Chancellor Charles Reed.

“A fish rots from the head down,” Lane said. “Charles Reed is directly responsible for conditions in the CSU system. Charles Reed must go.”

Charles Reed is Lane’s boss.

Isn’t this akin to, say, a Microsoft employee calling for the head of Bill Gates? It�s not as though Lane�s election is certain, is it? Dear reader, have you ever heard of Lane before this moment?

So, in honor of Mr. Lane’s huevos muy grandes, we’ve composed a song. Gilbert & Sullivan fans will already know the melody — all others can sing along to a midi karaoke.

He’s Got a Little List
October 8th it may happen that a victim must be found,
…I’ve got a little list–I’ve got a little list —
Of political offenders who might well be underground,
…And who never would be missed–who never would be missed!
There�s the democratic chairman who called me “just a clown”–
Those people taking Cruz B�s parking passes for downtown —
The chancellor I work for, who I�ve likened to dead fish �
Duplicative state agencies which cause me much anguish —
And those private campaign financiers simply must desist! —
…They’d none of ’em be missed–they’d none of ’em be missed!

CHORUS. He’s got ’em on the list–he’s got ’em on the list;
…And they’ll none of ’em be missed–they’ll none of ’em be missed.

Tom Campbell the Republican, and the others on his team,
…Helmet laws must be dismissed–I’ve got it on the list!
And movie stars and millionaires and fat cats lapping cream,
…They never would be missed–they never would be missed!
And the bureaucrat who cut the pay of teachers by the droves,
Then gave himself a bonus from the savings treasure-troves;
And the cop who hands out tickets, when you haven�t buckled up,
Or when you�re smoking doobies tries to put you in lockup;
And people who want gun control, or that Roe v. Wade resist,
…I don’t think they�ll be missed–I’m sure they’d not be missed!

CHORUS. He’s got them on the list–he’s got them on the list;
… And I don’t think they’ll be missed–I’m sure they’ll not be missed!



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