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‘Z’ Zone. August 21, 2003

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California as seen by Jon Zellhoefer, Republican.

Zellhoefer, who is running for Governor from Santa Clara, California (close to San Jose, in the Bay Area), proposes to revitalize the California economy by establishing a 30-mile wide “Courtesy Zone” on its approximately 1,200-mile long border with Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico.

The Courtesy Zone — which Zellhoefer also calls ” ‘Z’ Zone” — will be free of any taxes for 20 years, and will enjoy unrestricted trade with neighboring states and countries.

This means, Zellhoefer explained to the Inyo Register, if it’s legal in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and Mexico, it’ll be legal in ‘Z’ Zone.

As Miss Monica once heard in a bar in Eastern Colorado, “well, yee-fuckin’ haw.”

Does Zellhoefer have any reservations about the environmental and societal repercussions of his 36,000 square mile gambling, gun-toting, smoke-stack belching, bullfighting, prostituting fun zone?

No. He thinks ‘Z’ Zone’s a “reasonable inconvenience. We have to consider the greater good of the whole.”

Deep thinking obviously not his thing, but then, neither is impartiality. Zellhoefer owns land in Tecopa, which is a convenient distance south of Death Valley and west of Pahrump. You guessed it! All 160 acres are within ‘Z’ Zone.



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