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Vote for Ideas, Not Famous Names August 20, 2003

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Fx Artist Dan Feinstein says.

Feinstein is a �reform-minded� democrat, distantly related by marriage to Senator Diane, who works as a visual effects artist for the motion picture industry

He has a clear economic reform plan and a short but pithy (but humorous but serious) blog with an anti-Bustamonte slant.

�Tough love?� He asks in today�s blog entry. ��[Are] the people of California unruly kids needing papa Bustamante to set us straight? What did we do to deserve this “tough love?” Aren’t the unruly ones the juvenile thinkers in Sacramento who increased spending while tax revenues went down? Weren’t these the same ones wringing their hands helplessly, while the energy bandits ran off with our money?�

Scroll down and you�ll find him describing Bustamante as �the rotund little man with the big title� So he’s occupied the office next to Davis for five years, what has he done? We’ve never seen this guy in public. Oh wait, he did give a speech once, to a group of African American labor activists and used the “N” word. He claims it just “slipped out.” �

Later he apologizes for his harshness. �Such personal invective has no place in any campaign, and I’m sorry I characterized the number two man in Sacramento as such. I should have called him a “cherubic man with no discernable job duties.”

Feinstein urges Californians to reject the candidate rubberstamped by �some puppet master at the DNC�, and to choose among a list of candidates all more qualified than Bustamante � among them, himself.



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