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Don’t Vote! August 20, 2003

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You’ll only encourage him.

“I want to be a candidate for governor so that smokers will get more power,” Ned Roscoe told the Fairfield Daily Republic. “And if I can get just half of them to vote for a smokers’ candidate, that just might be enough to win.”

A good Libertarian, Roscoe’s been inactive in politics before, but in 1998 he led the campaign against Proposition 10, which was passed by voters and imposed a 50-cent tax on every pack of cigarettes. In 2000, he backed Proposition 28, an initiative to repeal the new cigarette tax. It lost, with only 28% of the vote.

Now Roscoe is counting on the smokin’ vote. “Four million potential California voters smoke! That’s enough to win the race to elect a new California governor. Even if half the smokers vote for the smokers’ candidate, that’s enough votes to choose the next governor.”

“Restrictions on smoking are too harsh,” Roscoe claims on his Smoker’s Party website. “Smokers are the most abused minority in California. No politician would think of treating you badly because you are Asian, Hispanic or African American. Homosexuals, Muslims, homeless, and extremely large people are never targeted for tax increases. Women, transgendered persons, farmers, Catholics, previously owned automobile salespeople, the young, the old, the developmentally disabled, and vegetarians are protected from discrimination. The unemployed, the anorexic, and special people are all helped by the State. Politicians go out of their way to appeal to every other interest group.

“Governor Davis’ budget proposal includes a cigarette tax increase of $2.30 per carton. That works out to $304,000,000 in additional taxes each year. Further increases are projected for future years. There’s no limit to the taxes politicians want smokers to pay. ”

All good points. It is so very convenient to tax a group that will continue to buy no matter how high the price. But, Ned! If a libertarian is an advocate of the doctrine of free will, and if free will is the power asserted by moral beings of choosing within limitations without restraint of physical or divine necessity of causal law, then:

Does a smoker really have the power of choice, unrestrained and unlimited by physical necessity?

Are humans, especially smokers in this example, reliably reasoning and moral beings?

And if Miss Monica finds herself downwind from a persistent and unremitting smoker, may she choose within limitations without restraint of physical or divine necessity of causal law, to rip his head off and make him smoke it?



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