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And Now … The Other Smoker’s Party? August 20, 2003

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Gerold Lee Gorman for Governor!

He’s 42. He’s a software engineer. He lives in Martinez, California. His mom co-signed his home loan in 1980. And he has “the complete name, address, and date of birth, place of birth, political party, and date of voter registration and so on of every registered voter” in Contra Costa County on his home computer.

Beyond that, his website made Miss Monica’s computer crash. Twice. So we called our friend Bob over at PoliZeros.

“Bob,” we said. “What do you think?”

“Huh,” said Bob, after going to Gorman’s website. “What’s this strange cursor with the trailing random letters of the alphabet? Is it code?”

Bob clicked on SHOW ME THE ISSUES!

HOUSING – got us an idea for cruel and unusual communal dwelling.

LAW ENFORCEMENT – an opinion that California prisons were maybe not worse than maybe some in other countries.

PROPOSITION 215 – a link to Green-aid.org, an advocate for the legalization of marijuana. (“Aha!” We said.)

TAX REFORM – a proposal to eliminate sales taxes on American-made goods.

UNIVERSE – “Page can’t be found.”

“Very zen-like,” said Bob.

“Does this guy have a problem?”

“No,” said Bob. “He’s just a bit quirky. He’s a software techie.”

All those details on the HACKER link just being evidence of quirky hi-technicality, and not borderline word salad. And here we had wondered if Gorman might have a thought disorder. Hard to tell the difference, sometimes?

“Hey!” Being a programmer, Bob was miffed. He eventually won the argument by pointing out that Miss Monica, too, had done programming at one time. Q.E.D.



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