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Brooke Bashes Baby Boomers August 18, 2003

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Brooke Adams dishes out deju vu.

Forget the swooning stock market, our 2+ year recession, the export of millions of manufacturing and white-collar technology jobs to China and India, elephantine electricity bills, a terrorist attack or two and a couple of wars. When fault-finding for California�s $38 billion dollar deficit, we need look no further than � the Old Fogies:

�The baby boom generation, both Democrats and Republicans, have squandered our state�s budget surplus. � Baby boomers have institutionalized government handouts, bailouts and boondoggles we can no longer afford. It�s time for a new generation of leaders who believe in personal responsibility and smaller government to take control of our state�s destiny.�

Adams also takes credit for both wars in Iraq, which previously had been claimed by the Presidents Bush. �Our generation has gone to war twice during my lifetime. We have restored democracy in the Middle East. � Our generation has fought for individual freedom and personal responsibility. It�s time to replace the �Me First� mentality of the current generation of politicians with people who care about our future.�

Adams claims she is an independent, so we peeked at her platform:

�Governor Adams will work to block all non-funded federal mandates, end useless agencies and bureaus, dump worthless programs and stop expensive services to those who are not legally entitled to be in California��

Yep. Young Brooke is a Young Republican.

Brooke Adams predicts she�ll win, but given recent voter turnout statistics among her generation, we wonder how:



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