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ROMEO FELINI June 19, 2003

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A SCRATCHBOOK EXCLUSIVE! Interview by Miss Monica.

Heartthrob Romeo Felini, on the set of Kitten Caboodle Too

Taking a break while filming Kitten Caboodle Too, the Joel and Ethan Coen-directed sequel to the comic masterpiece Kitten Caboodle, hot new rising star and cuddleboy Romeo Felini looked relaxed and happy as he lounged on his festively-striped beach blanket. Decked out in his finest fur and whiskers, the sweet-mewing star says that nothing much has changed despite his meteoric ascent up the starchart since the surprise runaway success of the first Caboodle. �More people want to say they petted me, maybe,� the actor says. �But I still hang out at home with my brothers and sister and do all the things I used to … pounce, play, eat, sleep … you know.� Don’t get him wrong. Romeo enjoys his celebrity status. “The pat� is killer!” But mostly he wants to act, … and ladies, be warned. He’s in search of his one true love. “I love lap time,” Romeo purrs. “I’m looking for just the right girl to curl up with.”

Romeo couldn�t be happier with his current winning streak, which has come despite recent tabloid reports of all-night catnip binges and gossip that his heart-meltingly good looks far outweigh his acting abilities. �I mean some people have said I’m hitting the ‘nip pretty hard, but I’m like meow, man, I’m only six weeks old! I don’t know anything about that stuff.” He adds that he is taking his career “much more seriously” since yesterday. “In the past few days I’ve been type cast in the cute baby kitten role, but I think I’ve got a lot more range than that. Sure, I may be too young to play a fat cat or top cat, but I score as Scaredy Cat in Haunted! [due out in Fall 2003]… and I’m on track for some hep cat work later this year . So I’m not worried.”

Romeo. He’s got range.

Photo credit: Sandi Kirwin (c) 2003.



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