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Did I call her a cryptofascist? Maybe I was being too soft. May 17, 2003

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Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | An appalling magic – an article about straight-talking, hard-thinking, racial-hatred-inciting right-wing pundit Ann Coulter from a British viewpoint.

I found this bit particularly disturbing:

But above all, Coulter is thriving because America itself is changing. The country is shifting rightward, the more so since September 11. The Bush administration is not a freak of nature; it enjoys wide public support. Its belief, put crudely, that the US is number one on the planet and that anyone who stands in its way is either a terrorist or an appeaser of terror, is not on the wacky fringes but commands broad endorsement. And Ann Coulter gives it a voice.

Come on, Americans, tell me it ain’t true. Please.



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