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Disappointing Palace April 8, 2003

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French provincial armchair, loveseat and coffee table .[as is].. only $999.99! (Army boys not included).

Like most Americans, I have been eagerly awaiting the capture of Saddam’s palaces, and really looking forward to seeing the stuff auctioned off on E-bay… who knows, maybe enough could be made to pay for this little tap dance in the desert. And with all those palaces, plenty of good stuff!

But my, oh my, what a disappointment. The palace has already been cleared out of amusing trinkets and artwork, and from the looks of it, the stuff that’s left won’t make very much at all. Absolutely horrid furniture!

And to realize that I was thinking that I’d like some new patio furniture and Saddam’s palace was just the place to get a good deal! BAH!!! I’m sticking with K-mart and Martha Stewart. This damn war is nothing but agony.

-Kirsten from Santa Cruz



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