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Ex-posure April 2, 2003

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The man who fell to earth has joined us, and will be blogging here under the pen name “mascara snake.” This, his most recent contribution:

I was dating a glamorous girl who had just gotten out of a long-standing relationship with a camera. Her body was still jerky from the experience. Whenever she felt she looked particularly stunning, she froze in that pose. I gather it was so that multiple exposures might be taken. It was the sort of thing I learned to turn a blind eye to; if I indulge a girl like that with too much sympathy, I have found I start taking on the role of her deprogrammer; which simply does neither of us any good.

She had to learn to find her own center again, but it wasn’t easy. She said that she could feel his cold glass lens gazing at her without emotion wherever she went. A part of her needed to display herself enticingly before that which could not be moved.

After two months of this I’d had enough. I believe in confronting this history stuff head on and with brutal honesty. We went to the studio and found him sitting on his tripod gazing at the building across the street with a zoom lens. Before she could react I marched over to him and opened up the tiny door on the back which protects the precious photos from overexposure. I grabbed her arm firmly but not roughly and forced her to look inside. There was no film. There never had been. It was all part of his game.

She wrapped her arms around me, without preparation, for the first time, and sobbed softly on my shoulder. We walked away from the pawn shop with silk flowers for the ceiling and our first good deed as a couple. She works as a film editor now, with long black strips of celluloid lying cut on the floor, and no little pleasure in her work.



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