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Only Slightly Creepy March 24, 2003

Posted by worldspectacle in Uncategorized.

Miss Monica was fascinated to discover the existence of RealDolls, which are, I understand, incredibly realistic rubber sex dolls with real moving joints and genitalia and everything. And no, we are not linking the RealDolls website. As we have said before, you’re perfectly capable of using Google.

What do you get the Socially Inadequate Geek Who Has Everything? A girl who won’t talk back. Miss Monica finds this fascinating. I, on the other hand, find it a little creepy. Imagine keeping what amounts to an artificial corpse in a cupboard, and using it to…

Well. The charms of Madame Palm and Her Five Fingers of Delight have never seemed more moral, quite frankly. And far less expensive.

For all us rural Brits out there, there’s something out there for the inhabitants of Norfolk, Wales and the South West, too…



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