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Not Just An Another Excuse To Post Gratuitous Pictures of Teenage Russian Lesbians. No, Really. March 21, 2003

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You keep doing it, we'll keep watching.
t.A.T.u: We love them and we really hope that you do too.

Imagine my delight when I was pointed to this news story today: Tatu set to sing for Russia at Eurovision.

Huzzah! I say. Hurrah, Huzzah and Bravo!

Words cannot describe how wonderful the Eurovision Song Contest is. In Britain, it’s long been the kitsch event of the year.

Basically, loads of countries across Europe enter songs, usually chosen by the public. The public of each of these countries will vote. These votes often have very little to do with how good the song is (Funny how Greece always gives a high score to Cyprus, but not to Turkey. And funny how the Balkan states hardly ever vote for one another. And I can bet you any money, given the international situation, Britain wont do very well at all this year).

The winner gets to host next year’s competition (Ireland won three years in a row back in the nineties. Every Irish entry since then has been irredeemably crap, presumably so they won’t have to go to the expense of hosting the bloody thing again and bankrupting their country).

The competition is normally presented by a pair of celebrities from the host country, in English and in French (guess who the only people who insist on having it in French are).

The British edition has the added frisson of being commented on by veteran broadcaster Terry Wogan, who knows full well it’s appalling, and makes acerbic and hilartious comments, often over the official presenters. The last few years have been vintage.

We’ve had Latvian surf-pop. Greek Numanoids. The Danish host presenters who did the whole thing entirely in rhyme. The Russian Britney spears wannabe who kept on falling out of her top. The Icelandic S&M piece. And the finest Eurovision moment of all, ever: the 1998 UK Eurovision, when the contest was won by now-deceased Israeli transexual – yes, that’s right, transexual – diva Dana International. A triumph. An absolute triumph.

Count on us watching with even more avidity than we normally do.



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