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Former Child Actors of the World Unite! March 21, 2003

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What do you do when you’re a former child actor and you realise you’re not famous anymore?

Well, Wil Wheaton (you may remember him from the film Stand by Me and some interminable Star Trek spin-off) had an epiphany one day when a waitress asked him “didn’t you used to be an actor?” He apparently stopped taking himself seriously.

He’s got a blog and an online community now, and writes books about former child actors. As far as I can make out, he appears to sit around all day playing computer games, and, contrary to received wisdom, seems to be both pretty normal and well-adjusted – and quite a nice bloke, actually. he doesn’t share my taste in books and films, but. hey, that doesn’t make him a bad person, right?

Compare and contrast: Dustin Diamond. This site can’t be real. It just can’t. Can it?



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