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Kirsten’s Commentary, Part 2 March 18, 2003

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Department of Homeland Security

You know this fear-mongering is odd. They have to make it scary enough to make people nervous and uptight, but they can’t over-do it to the point where people actually start taking action and thinking about things! A very fine line. The color code terror warnings are fine, they’re completely idiotic, and you have no idea what you do differently in yellow or orange, you have no idea but you just are more nervous when we’re in orange. But they blew it when they did the duct tape and plastic warning–people actually went out and spent $50 but then they started thinking: “Uh…how am I supposed to breathe? What good could this possibly do if I’ve suffocated?” So, that is way too much pondering so they’ve backed down on that.

Now we have a website that tells us to hide under something in case of nukes. But they’re not going to blow it again–like suggest that people to go out and get a nice refrigerator box and hide in there for several hours so they won’t get burned by a thermonuclear wind– that would get people in a frenzy, because there aren’t enough refrigerator boxes to go around. So they leave it up to people as to whether hiding under a table, under a blanket, under the car, or under a pile of sweaters is good enough.



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