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Rainy Protest Day, L.A. March 16, 2003

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Volunteers “work the ropes” to keep the route clear in front of the main banner.

Los Angelinos hate the rain. More than a red light camera. More than a midseason drop in the ratings. More, even, than cellulite and a botched botox job.

And yet thousands turned out for the antiwar protest on Saturday, in unrelenting rain and wind. Why, we wonder, were there no pictures anywhere in the press of this miracle?

Sure that you feel as bereft and cheated as she, Miss Monica offers you a few of her own shots:

Code Pink, a women’s peace group, waits for the march to begin.

A man walking by demanded of the heavens, “is this fockin’ Dublin?!”

Asked and answered: What would Jesus do? Stop Bush.

Stop mad cowboy disease.

International Answer, the march organizer, struggle with their banner in the wind.



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