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Yes, all you Brits out there, Americans can do satire! February 21, 2003

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Right-Wing Extremist Barbie: what won't they think of next?
“Ann Coulter”: a bizarre, monstrous, hilarious comic creation.

Being but British, I’d never heard of her before, but someone showed me the website of one Ann Coulter this morning (yes, while this blog is set for Miss Monica’s convenience to PST, some of us work on GMT. Strange but true).

For a moment, I thought that it was real. But a quick perusal of Ms. Coulter’s archive reveals that it’s satire at its best: over-the-top and brutal in its indictment of the kind of stupidity that creates a group of evildoers out to destroy us and gives them a bizarre blanket term (be it “liberals”, Jews” or whatever) because it’s easier than dealing with the problem. One thinks of Britain’s own media terrorist Chris Morris as a similar kind of satire purveyor. It’s good to know that satire is alive and well with our cousins in its most vicious form.

I mean, a cryptofascist barbie-doll sex symbol? That’s too bizarre to be true, right?




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