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Fashion Will Go Out Of Fashion February 20, 2003

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tomorrow's fashions, yesterday

Tom Broome and Renée Holt model for bonkers fashion designer Gernreich in 1970

With the various scares going around town – particularly the paedophile scare at the moment, sometimes you find yourself worrying whether you can even smile at a child or a pretty girl without suspicion of being some pervert.

I began to think about this the other day quite seriously. It seems that more and more, we’ve got to keep our public face impassive, because it’s the only safe thing to do.

Some of my thoughts about this were crystallised by stumbling across a website advertising an exhibition of art and clothes by Swingin’ Sixties fashion designer Rudi Gernreich, who is best known for inventing kaftans and the topless swimsuit.

Of particular interest is the video page which includes a couple of films (namely films 5 and 7) which gave some insight into what was going on in Gernreich’s mind back then. While he was way out on what people were going to be wearing (thank the Almighty that unisex kaftans never took off), his idea that people were going to want to be both publicly defensive and privately permissive seems to have come to pass. See what you think.



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