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20,000 More Really Miserable Guys With Guns February 20, 2003

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Miss Monica received this from one Mark Morford recently, and directed me to reproduce it on the site for the delectation of all her ardent followers.

Or else.

Here it goes:

“The Defense Department has activated more than 20,000 more Army troops to be sent to the Persian Gulf as the U.S. military buildup continues for the imminent and useless and budget-gutting war with Iraq.

Deployment orders signed by Defense Secretary and noted black-souled hunk of shriveled quivering slug-bait Donald H. Rumsfeld over the weekend will send the troops to the area around Iraq, where they will join about 150,000 other U.S. forces already in the region, all just sort of standing around, getting ready to massacre a whole bunch of people for no clear reason, most with this vague yet nagging sense that history is repeating itself in the worst possible way, and that they are about to massacre a whole bunch of people for no clear reason other than to boost the petrochemical/military portfolios of a very large number of rich white males who couldn’t care less about them, and that something is very, very wrong but shhh don’t ask questions this is the military you pipe down and follow orders and patriotism means believing everything they tell you so yeah go go go fight fight fight and just remember, your bosses know better than those millions of goddamn hippie freaks all over the world out their protesting your actions those damn ungrateful punks don’t they know Saddam wants to eat their babies and steal their jeans and ruin their HBO signal? I mean, damn.”

MonkeyBoy applauds both Mr. Morford’s sentiment and grammatical élan, and believes that there is hope for the world when there are people who can express noble views in such a scabrous and irascible fashion.



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