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The New World Order February 12, 2003

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(Radio Show Transcript Follows)

The New World Order
isn’t coming �
it’s already here!
Stand by for insights
so shocking
you will never look at
the alternative media
without suspicion again!

Andrew A. Blank, New World Order Host:
We interrupt this website to go live to the Pentagon for a special briefing from Special Military Attach� General H. Jeepers.

General Jeepers Sir, can you tell us the latest on the extremist webgimp known as Monkeyboy and his weapons of Mass Distraction?

Well son, our latest satellite communications intercept recorded a garbled message, which we have just managed to decipher using our experimental chimpanzee sign language analyst.

Folks, the General is leading a chimpanzee onto the podium.

Geeeek! Geek! Arowl! Hiii!Hii!Hiii! Phaaaarttt!

What’s he saying general?

He’s saying that if this is some ape from CNN, then we got the news before you. Son, Neddy here has uncovered what we believe to be a secret Russki plot to take over the top 40.

What do you mean General?

The BBC, codenamed ‘Auntie’, has been invaded by hordes of Russian Teenage Lesbians intent on turning British men into Mummy’s boys by broadcasting subliminal messages over the airwaves on Radio 1.

Gee, General. Is this a perceived threat to the United States of America?

See here son, this is part of why we’re at Code Orange. “Restrict access to essential personnel only.” No unauthorized Russki Lesbian is going to dilute or infiltrate yours or mine bodily fluids. We will preserve the American top 40 to the best of our ability.

It’s good to see were in safe hands General!

Wrap up well son, and don’t forget your cardy.

We now return you folks to Movie Review 03′ and the new blockbuster film taking America by storm � Goldilocks and the Three Bears, starring Tom Hanks.

Many thanks to Dr. C.B. Thuggie, for providing this insightful interview to us. -MM



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