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What is it about blokes and lesbians? February 11, 2003

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No. A little to the left... up a bit... OK. Now hold it there.
t.A.T.u play it up for the cameras.

It appears that t.A.T.u. are still number one! Who says the British public have no taste? We, at least, are pleased.

However, we understand that not everyone feels the same way that we do. Take, for example, legendary British daytime TV Institution Richard and Judy, who are concerned that the Soviet Sapphists are promoting “underage lesbianism” or something. Oh, Richard. Did they never teach you in school that lesbianism has never been illegal because our illustrious and starchy Victorian forebears refused to belive that two girls could get together and do something so ghastly? And because it’s never been recognised by the law, it has no age of consent?

And has it not occurred that Gorgeous Julia and Lovely Lena are above the heterosexual legal age of consent anyway? (Reports that the girls are actually straight and have boyfriends just add to the frisson. After all,as far as most British men are concerned, faux-lesbians are even better than the real ones. Work it out for yourself.)

Anyway, as British comics writer Gordon Rennie put it last week, with all the stuff going on at the moment, of course a manufactured pop group is worth getting in a lather about.

Some of our American contacts express doubts that such a decadent European concern could make such an impact on the more austere States. But the release of All The Things She Said (download it – and lots of their other songs – here) is imminent, and the waves of outrage (which will ensure its success) are already beginning.

Expect the teenage Russian (faux-)lesbians to conquer America in the next few weeks, pop kids.



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