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L.A. War Protest January 12, 2003

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LA Times photo of January 11 protest in downtown Los Angeles

Story links:

Middle-Class Dissent on Display at War Protest

Thousands Rally Against War in Iraq, Push Peace

Miss Monica would be very interested to hear, from anyone, what this war is about, if not oil. Please write to missmonicawho@aol.com. (Attachments will not be opened — send only links).

She hopes to see you all at the protest scheduled for January 18, 2003 in San Francisco, which begins in Justin Herman Plaza and proceeds down Market Street to City Hall. Further details will be posted here later this week.

One comment Miss Monica has regarding yesterday’s protest: Focus.

What do we want? No war! When do we want it? …

Pretty easy, but not if pet peeves are being taken for a walk: No war and SUV’s suck! (Green Party) — No war and free health coverage for everybody! (SEIU Local 660) — No war and it’s a right wing conspiracy to destroy the United Nations! (Ed Asner.) You get the picture.

Not that SUV’s are good, or that health coverage is bad, or that there isn’t a desire by some of the ultra right-wing political persuasion to destroy the U.N.

Just that these topics, she thinks, take away from our focus. Stick to trying to stop the war, and work out the rest later. By bringing in other topics of contention, those who drive SUVs, fail to pay health care benefits to their nannies, and so forth, will be alienated and will say, See? A bunch of left-wing crackpots. I told ya. But the sight of thousands of people — just regular folks — who just think this war is a very bad idea, for perhaps a myriad of different reasons — that’s a powerful statement.


You are invited to sign Miss Monica’s guestbook.



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