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All the news that’s fit to eat January 4, 2003

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In their January 14, 2003 issue, the editor-in-chief of The Weekly World News (Miss Monica’s favorite literary twinkie), announced:

This issue, we take a look at some of the greatest hoaxes of all time in a fascinating 20-page bonus section. Here at Weekly World News, we make a point of exposing hoaxes wherever we find them. If there’s one thing we can’t stand, it’s people who try to put one over on the American public.

According to this issue:

  • The Hitler diaries? … A hoax.
  • Milli Vanilli? … Sorry … a hoax.
  • The Cardiff Giant? … A huge hoax.
  • Swiss Spaghetti Harvest? … You shouldn’t believe everything you see on TV!

But, on the other hand ….

  • Bat Boy Leads Cops on 3 State Chase … Actual Photos! … Yes, so they are.
  • Same Spacecraft Visits 3 Times in 50 Years … Incredible photo taken near a hotel in Tonbridge, England, and has been verified as genuine.What’s genuine? The hotel — the town — or that the photo is incredible?
  • Iran Booted Out of ‘Axis of Evil’ – for not being evil enough! … But fortunately North Korea is doing it’s part.

Then again … WWN did stumble onto that Raelian cloning business first…



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