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The Wages of Bumming (Part 2) November 12, 2002

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Homeland Security Deal Reached
By Alan Fram (AP)

WASHINGTON (Nov. 12) – The White House and congressional leaders agreed Tuesday to begin pushing a bill to create a Homeland Security Department through Congress this week, moving toward a major legislative victory for President Bush…

The bill would … let the new agency do business with American companies that move offshore to avoid U.S. taxes if there are national or economic security reasons to do so, congressional aides said. …

Seems like a mighty cushy deal for offshore supporters of President Bush.

By way of example:

Harken Energy Corp., a Texas oil company where Bush was a director from 1986 to 1993, set up a subsidiary in the Cayman Islands, a popular tax haven, in 1989.

Halliburton Co., a Dallas-based energy services firm, registered at least 20 subsidiaries in the Cayman Islands when Cheney was chief executive from 1995 to 2000, according to Securities and Exchange Commission records.


Miss Monica cannot think of a single example of this kind of corporate tax evasion which would increase her — or your — “national or economic security.”

Now tell Miss Monica: why didn’t you vote?



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